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Holistic Services

Welcome Starseeds 


Wanting to Learn About Your Spiritual Path

& Soul Journey?


Want to Learn About

Your Spiritual Mission?

Want to Discover

Your Psychic Abilities

& Spiritual Gifts?

Want to Enhance Your Spiritual Development

& Spiritual Ascension?

Want to Release Trauma 

& Heal Your Inner Child?

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions 

Consists of Tarot Therapy & Reiki Healing.


Tarot Therapy is exactly what it s0unds like Micahstar utilizes Tarot Reading As A Tool To Search On An Energetic  Soul Level; What Needs To Be Addressed Subconsciously/Consciously To Heal The Emotional & Energetic Body. Tarot Therapy Helps Guide The Client Through Starting To Heal or Release Energetic Blockages From The Clients For Transformational Development & Growth. Clients Can Purchase 2 Sessions At A Time To Help With Trauma or PTSD Triggers. Micahstar Offers A Variety of Modalities And Techniques  To Assist The Clients To Continue Their Healing Even After The Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions.

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