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For 5 years she has been spiritually coaching, astrologically guiding, and mentoring all her  clients. She is experienced in assisting those who are undergoing a Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Ascension, and experiencing the affects if the Twin Flame Journey. She is compassionate, loving, and known for her fiery truth. Be prepared to reveal your inner truth with Micahstar.


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Phone Consultation 

"What can I say other than

You rock Micahstar!"

I always go back for more readings because they're filled with so much guidance and details. She constantly feeds me spiritual advice to keep me on my mission in life.


Honestly, the best spiritual advisor ever. Thank you again."


Recommends The Reiki Attunement I 

"Micahstar is absolutely amazing!!

I love her down to earth personality.


She definitely has a gift!!"


Recommends The 2 Hour

 Intense Distant Reiki Healing

Micah is the most incredible soul her spirit is filled with talent.


I've never felt better after her reiki sessions i feel energized and grounded.

I like to call Micah my Energetic Rejuvination Guru.


Totally changed my life!! 


Need to get your life back on track. I refer Micah she will GET IT DONE! And she wont sugar coat anything she will keep it super transparent on all levels.

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