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All Zodiac Placements Marriage & Partnerships

The 7th House

"Unlike the 5th house, where sex, pleasure, and what we desire in another person lives, the 7th house is known as the house of marriage and committed or contractual partnering. It can also show us what we need in our relationships or the patterns we continue to have in our relationships."

Help! I’ve Got NO PLANETS In My 7th House

Does this mean I will never get married?

Well, the truth is that whether it's marriage, money, children or anything else, an empty house doesn't mean that the life areas ruled by it are destined to be absent or diminished.

It's important to take a look at the surrounding factors in your birth chart. Remember this is your astrological DNA 🧬 So be patient with the details and learning yourself from a planetary perspective.

Venus is the planet of love and relationships

If Venus is in conjunction with malefic planets like Saturn, Sun and Ketu or Saturn aspects Venus they damage the energy of Venus and can delay in marriage. Venus combust, debilitated and retrograde makes it difficult for a person to make a decision which causes delay in marriage.

7th House In Sagittarius ♐ You will enjoy marrying someone who is deeply spiritual, world-traveled, and who truly understands culture. You will enjoy a marriage where life and learning together are explored on a deeper level. You won't want to be with someone who is boring or ordinary to you. You may meet your partner in college or in an educational setting and go through a long-distance relationship. 7th House In Leo ♌ You will need to be the star in your relationship, and sometimes your own insecurities may be taken out on those you love. You’re extremely generous in your relationships. You like to feel appreciated in how you take care of others. You like your attention and generosity to be reciprocated. 7th House In Aries ♈ You love beauty and won't settle for someone who doesn't take good care of themselves. You are charming and love the finer things in life. You don't want someone who will try to control you, although you can be jealous at times. You want a partner who will be able to provide you with care, nurture, and support. You are going to marry a person who will become even more special to you with time. 7th House In Taurus ♉ You may lose out on opportunities for love because you are too stubborn to admit you’re wrong. You're all about long-lasting, loyal, committed relationships. You want to be able to feel comfortable or at home in your Partnerships. 7th House In Capricorn ♑ You do not have control when it comes to love, so the sooner you learn to let your guard down and just enjoy it the happier you will be in your Romantic Partnerships. Pay attention to the walls you put up around being vulnerable to someone you consider a romantic interest. 7th House In Virgo ♍

You prioritize the well-being of others in your Romantic Partnerships. You have a nurturing and healing quality about you and want to build healthy boundaries. You will need a practical partner who can live with a certain amount of structure. However, perfectionism is both unattainable and boring, so try to accept people for who they are. 7th House In Gemini ♊

You would like to find someone who understands and appreciates the value of learning, open-mindedness, and the gathering of information. The mind is what is attractive to you. You are in search of a conversationalist and critical thinker. 7th House In Libra ♎ You will be very selective with your romantic partner. They must fit a beauty category and standard. They will be fond of perfumes, jewelry, and artistic items and gifts. They will love the arts and your company. 7th House In Aquarius ♒ You might marry someone from another culture. Your marriage partner will be artistic and eclectic. You won't be satisfied to marry a person who runs with the crowd. You will sometimes appear to others as emotionally distant and hard to reach. 7th House In Cancer ♋ You are the type of person who would give up your life for your mate. You would do anything for your family. You could also be someone who needs traditional roles to be played out in your marriage. You can't have a partner who only is close to you some of the time. You're an all or nothing lover and desire to be with someone who wants you and only you. 7th House In Scorpio ♏ You will fall in and out of love with your marriage partner. But with time, you find that perfect balance. Your marriage will be filled with deep passion and commitment that develops over time. But not without a few bumps along the way. You are drawn to partners with power and passion. You can get lost when it comes to love. You are also a seductive person and have a rich and deep fantasy life. 7th House In Pisces ♓ You'll want the person you marry to stand on their own two feet & embrace their unique individuality. You will sometimes appear to others as distant & harsh to one another. However, this may seem that way on the surface, though deep down inside you long for strong connections and want to marry your best friend.

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