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  • Package Includes

    - Tea light candles

    - Patchouli Incense

    - One Jar of Lovers Rice

    (Each Jar Sold Separately)

    This Enchanted Rice is used for sachet bags, candle magic, or rituals specifically to call in money towards your bank account. This is a very potent batch so expect money opportunities, job offers, or lots of talking about money once in use. If currently unemployed this will help you attract the wealth and financial endeavors you desire.

    Enchanted Rice can be very intense and a little goes a long way.

    You can place tea light candles on top of your money altar, sprinkle some in your wallet every month in exchange for the old one preferably in a zipper or coin pouch, put in a money sachet with money stones and watch the money come in.

    Money Rice To Manifest Money In The Bank🏦


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